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ParentCare is a premier Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) serving families all throughout New York. Beyond compassionate, we are affectionate members of your immediate family and honor mom and dad as our own. We are recognized as providers of the most personalized home care in the nation, administered by the finest family of certified health aides.

To help families navigate the many choices available, ParentCare does more than get involved. When it comes to planning, we are truly the parent of all home care. Before arrangements are set in motion, an expert consultant visits your home to walk you through all the options at your disposal.

After learning more about your family, we coordinate a specialized plan that caters to your individual care needs while taking advantage of hidden subsidies and services unknown to average caregivers. This ensures greater savings and maximum respite to benefit the entire family.

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Keeping care affordable

ParentCare currently accepts:

  • Medicare benefits

  • Medicaid benefits

  • Private pay

  • Health savings plans

  • Supplemental insurance

Have a special situation at home?

If you or a loved one is facing medical crisis of any kind, we may have an answer. Give us a call to learn about services fit for your family.

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