Care the way: you do

ParentCare delivers deeply personal support services, continuing the administration of your love


When it’s time to turn the pagelet it be our turn to care

When working with ParentCare staff, our heart is evident. Loved ones enjoy coordinated care tailored to their exact financial, cultural and lifestyle needs. And since we keep our census low, services are always as intimate as can be.

Family focused

Genuinely personal

Always affordable

Our mission:Take it from care

ParentCare professionals go beyond the call of duty. Getting to know mom and dad like our own, we plan care around the household dynamic, financial situation and methods of communication. This personalized approach makes us New York’s premier LHCSA. Our personnel are specially trained to deliver joy and fulfillment in your absence, enriching parents’ golden years while easing familial burdens of all kinds.

Our motto:The honor is ours

Stepping into the role of kin-keeper, ParentCare Staff HHA's view their vocation as more than a job, but as a profound privilege. Helping aging adults live full, independent, dignified lives is our calling. Whether we’re stepping in for the devoted daughter who is starting a family of her own or offering reprieve to the loving sister who has done everything she can, it’s always a pleasure to serve in the company of family.

Our pledge: Put family first

Our staff put heart and soul into every act, demonstrating our genuine passion and ongoing education in ways only family would recognize. This hands-on approach starts from the top. As a courtesy, ParentCare nurses check in with aides on a regular basis and interface with our CEO directly to ensure everyone receives the support they require. And if there’s ever a specialized need, we refer you to the absolute best outside source.

Our strength:We speak home

If you’re looking for a skilled, licensed aide for daytime companionship, overnight hours, temporary supervision or permanent in-home care, ParentCare adapts an affordable plan to your household’s dynamic. We also staff multilingual nurses and caregivers for families communicating in English, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Yiddish, Hebrew and other languages.

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