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Put mom’s and dad’s happiness first with highly individualized in-home healthcare and respite services

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A full spectrum of support within the walls of home

Personalized home care

Pooled trusts

Certified health aides

Elder care planning

Pediatric support

The favor of a lifetime is keeping care in the family

Whether you’re a dedicated daughter, adoring son, dutiful sister or new mother, trust ParentCare to bring love full circle. As a family-oriented home care agency, we champion the bond of kinship above all else, helping you serve parents and other loved ones with the attention and reverence reserved for family.

Our licensed in-home health aides express heartfelt affection around the clock, tending with unconditional kindness and respect. Whatever the extent of their need, rest easy knowing you have done more than hire help. With the personalized assistance only ParentCare provides, you are honoring their love.

Long-term assistance

Individuals requiring everyday meal prep, light housekeeping, help with hygiene, medication reminders, skilled nursing and other daily services find a sympathetic family companion in ParentCare

Short-term services

After surgery, physical injury or temporary disability, our trained aides bring dependable care to your doorstep to assist with range of motion, transferring, walking, turning and positioning

Proactive planning

Arranging elder care can be a complex, costly process. To ease the burden and protect family assets, our consultants work closely with you, offering educated advice on pooled trusts and more

Pediatric support

Parents welcoming home premature newborns enjoy topnotch baby care and monitoring services. Skilled aides assist with feeding, bathing and medical monitoring until the child grows strong

One happy family with CDPAP

ParentCare also offers services through Medicaid’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, enabling you to select, hire, train, and even dismiss personal assistants you trust. They can even be your own family, and get paid for the loving care they anyway provide.

Cope with the cost
of caregiving

Finding affordable in-home assistance is a full-time job on its own. ParentCare exhausts all financial options so staying home is always possible.



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