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Home Health Care That Treats You Like Family

If you have a loved one who can no longer keep up with all their daily tasks and activities, you might be looking at a variety of options such as putting them in a nursing home or taking care of them at home. Family isn’t always able to take over all the care duties, which is why there is high-quality home health care available for residents of the New York boroughs Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx.

But what does a great home health aide do? Which services can you expect? In essence, your aide will help your loved ones with all the daily tasks as well as accompany them to appointments. You can expect them to be friendly and professional. Additionally, our services also include planning and coordinating care. Today, we’ll explore this topic further and discuss why home health could be perfect for your family.

What Is Great Home Health Care in New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx?

Anyone who is considering taking care of their elderly or disabled friend or family member in their own home will need a good team of experts to help make the process easier. We at Parent Care offer all you need, from planning and coordination of services to the actual day-to-day work of helping your loved one complete their routine. What’s more, you can always get in touch with us, and our options are tailored to your family’s needs.

Help With All Aspects of Life

At the core of what we offer are our home health aides. They are the people who will take care of your loved one on a daily basis and visit them in their own home. Depending on the patient’s need, your aide might visit once or twice a day to complete tasks such as bathing, washing, cooking, getting dressed, and moving from the bed to another location inside the home such as the living room.

Additionally, the aide can help the patient with remembering to take the correct type of medication in the right dosage. This will help them to remain as healthy as possible and will prevent further medical issues. Whenever your loved one needs to go for an appointment or would like to run an errand, your aide can go with them, so they feel safe venturing out into the world.

Friendly and Professional Service

When working with an aide, it’s important that this person fits in well with the family and that there is sympathy between the patient and the caregiver. For this reason, we only work with aides who are highly qualified but also have a friendly disposition and display a great work ethic. You can expect them to arrive on time every day and to treat your loved one like their own family.

To ensure that all our aides and caregivers are able to do their best and provide a high-quality service, Parent Care offers them some of the highest rates in the area. As a result, they are happy with their work and much less likely to leave us. You can expect to work with the same aides for many months or even years when you sign up to our services.

A Comprehensive Program 

Aside from the home visits, there are several other services we offer to make sure the care is comprehensive. In particular, we will help the family members and friends to come up with a suitable plan at the start of the process. You can sit down with some of our team members and explain the situation, then figure out how to best organize the patient’s care. This meeting also gives you a chance to get to know us and figure out whether it’s a good fit.

On an ongoing basis, we offer care coordination, which organizes all care needs in one centralized system. That way, the various professionals involved can better schedule and coordinate their services, and everyone has access to the most important information about the patient. If something changes, all caregivers will be informed through this system and be able to adjust their actions accordingly.

Options for Everyone 

Home health care in New York is for everyone. Although our aides in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx mainly work with elderly people, we can also take care of those who are disabled or families struggling with the care of children who have special needs. Such care will be different, and we have specialists who will know exactly how to best assist your family, no matter what the struggle is.

Sometimes, an elderly or disabled person doesn’t need a great deal of care, but they are lonely because their family isn’t able to visit as much as they would like. In such a situation, we might suggest companion care, which involves an aide visiting the loved one. The time can be spent doing whatever the patient needs. They might want to read, play a game, go out, talk, or simply get some help with completing household tasks.

Easy to Contact 

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing an issue with your loved one’s care and not being able to speak to the relevant people. That’s why we have set up our systems to be as accessible as possible. As a new customer, you can get in touch with us through the contact form on the website or by calling our number. Once you’re signed up to our services, you’ll have several contacts within our organizations, so you can always find help.

Why Home Health? 

Now you know the many advantages of an excellent home health service that will treat your loved one like family, you might be curious about this option. But is it right for you? Wouldn’t it be easier for your friend or family member to simply go to a care home? In many cases, staying in their own home can have an immensely positive effect on the mental health of patients.

Being in their familiar surroundings can help them to remain mentally aware, and they will feel more comfortable than if they were transplanted to a new place. Even though your loved one will be able to stay home, you won’t have to worry about them because the aide will help provide everything they need. In particular, they will make sure that your loved one takes all their medications, so there are no risks to their physical health.

Find Out for Yourself

A home health care plan can help you take care of your loved one in New York. The aide will visit them in their own home, no matter if they live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx. In addition to helping the elderly or disabled person with all their daily tasks, such a plan will also allow you to organize and coordinate their care, making the process much easier for the whole family. 

A great home health aide will be patient, friendly, and competent. What’s more, they will tailor the service to the patient’s needs and provide suitable options for everyone. Call us now at Parent Care to find out whether our services could be suitable for your family. We will be happy to speak to you about the various options and to consider whether caring for your loved one in their own home is the best way forward.

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