Companion Care

Companion Care in New York

If you need help from a caregiver or know a loved one that would benefit from some level of companionship, companion care may be the answer you are looking for. Companion care is a service that Parent Care provides to New Yorkers that are medically stable, but could use a little extra help around the home. This service is designed for individuals who wish to remain in their home safely. Companion care results in a happy and healthy patient that can continue to live their lives as they’ve become accustomed to in their own homes. Parent Care offers companion care services to help individuals continue living life to its fullest.

What Is Companion Care

Companion care is a valuable resource that many qualify for in New York. The service provides many benefits and when used early in the aging process, can prevent older adults from needing higher levels of nursing care later on. Is companion care right for you?

  • Companion care is an in-home health service that provides older adults emotional support and socialization.
  • Companion care can include playing cards, going for walks, or help with household chores.
  • Companion care can serve as a friendly reminder for when to take medications and keep appointments.
  • Companion care provides transportation to appointments or grocery stores. 
  • Companion care provides an opportunity to the elderly, helping them stay in their homes and keep them connected with their community.
  • Companion care provides peace of mind for the older adult, ensuring their home continues to be a safe environment.

Who Qualifies for Companion Care?

  • To find out if Companion Care may be right for you or a loved one, contact the Parent Care offices for more information.

Who Pays for Companion Care

  • VDC (Veterans Directed Care) Program – This program provides the option to receive their care in their home instead of a facility
  • Long Term Care Insurance – If you have long term care insurance and your policy meets certain requirements, family members may be able to be paid for their home health care services provided. You will need to check your policy specifically.
  • PFLBL (Paid Family Leave Benefits Law) – New York is only one of 5 states that offers this law that allows family members to request time off work to care for their loved ones and get paid a portion of their salary to do so. Although the family member is not paid directly for their services, they receive compensation from their employer while providing home nursing care to a relative.

Why Families Choose Parent Care for Companion Care

The staff at Parent Care are devoted caregivers throughout New York, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens areas, that view their services as much more than a job. They have a passion for helping others and strive to help older adults maintain their dignity as they age. At Parent Care, we understand that although family members may be the patient’s first choice, they cannot always be there to provide the care their loved ones need due to work schedules or other obligations. The exceptional care performed by our home health aide and home nurse staff is guaranteed to be the next best thing. Our personal approach to caregiving is unlike any other home health care agencies you have experienced.

Contact Parent Care Today for More Information about Companion Care

Companion Care may be the answer you are looking for to receive the emotional support and assistance needed during the aging process. Reach out to Parent Care today for more information about this program, to determine eligibility status, and to meet our compassionate staff. We look forward to hearing from you.

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