Patient Care Coordination for New York

New York City Care Coordination

Parent Care is honored to provide care coordination services for individuals in the New York area, including The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Caring for a loved one with extensive personal care, daily living, or medical needs is a responsibility many families struggle to manage alone. Whether your loved one has recently demonstrated the need for in-home health services or is transitioning from a hospital or long-term care facility, it is critical to ensure the proper resources, equipment, and care plan are in place well in advance. Care coordination services with Parent Care and our partners can help you establish personalized, effective care from the very beginning.

Ensure Your Loved Ones Experience Seamless Quality Care with Care Coordination Services

What Is Care Coordination?

  • Care coordination intentionally organizes your loved one’s care by assessing all relevant needs to ensure they experience seamless, safe, and effective care.
  • Care coordination services engage in clear communication with the entire care team, including other facilities, primary care providers, specialists, and home care providers, so all have access to the information needed to supply quality ongoing care.
  • Care coordinators develop an understanding of your loved one’s preferences, needs, and available resources to arrange a care plan and coordinate the necessary care in advance.

Why Families Choose Parent Care for Care Coordination

If you or your loved one are unable to coordinate their own care due to advanced age, decreased cognition, multiple medical concerns, or a combination of all the above, Parent Care can help. Our team will ensure that care coordination services are set up properly with our partners to help families and members alike develop a better understanding of care needs and plan for what is to come. Care coordination helps you develop a firm care plan, eliminates unnecessary appointments, redundant procedures or tests, and improves care while reducing its cost. 

Contact Parent Care

If you or someone you know needs care coordination services, contact Parent Care today. Facing health concerns can be stressful enough without having to worry about coordinating your own care, managing your own transition, and finding medical resources to enable recovery. With care coordination services, you can focus on getting better and staying well while we work to fulfill your care plan.

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