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Most aging individuals wish to remain in the comfort and security of their homes indefinitely. Unfortunately, circumstances can change over time, and many elderly individuals become unable to carry out the tasks of everyday living unassisted. Planning and preparing for such a time in one’s life can make an otherwise seemingly daunting task become much easier.  If you are like most families looking to strike a balance between your loved one’s preferences, the realities of all your needs, and the financial implications of the options available, actively engaging in elder care planning with Parent Care can help you establish an affordable, effective elder care strategy.

What is Elder Care Planning?

Elder care planning with Parent Care and our partners is a service that strives to help you develop an elder care plan for you or your elderly loved one. 

  • Elder care planning identifies the elderly individual’s wishes, establishes a personalized care plan, and determines care and financial responsibilities as the plan moves forward
  • Elder care plans function as an organizational tool that helps keep medical paperwork and financial documents in order
  • Elder care consultants can help you develop a financial strategy, navigate insurance procedures, and perform resource research
  • Your elder care consultant can help you enroll into New York State Medicaid 

 Why Families Choose Parent Care for Elder Care Planning

Eldercare planning with Parent Care and our partners prioritizes your family’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. At Parent Care, we strive to help members and their families enjoy the aging process and are committed to taking the stress out of coordinating care. Eldercare planning provides families with a comprehensive care plan to guide every step of the way from declining health and infrequent hospital stays to long term care and end-of-life treatment options.

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Navigating the complicated task of setting up a comprehensive elder care plan can be difficult without the right help—however, it is a crucial step in the process of aging that is best addressed proactively. If you are interested in elder care planning for yourself or someone you love, contact Parent Care today. We’re happy to discuss your unique situation in detail and advise you regarding the next steps to take as you navigate this journey.

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