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Choosing a home health aide agency who are like family means entrusting your loved ones to care that feels as close and caring as the support from a family member. With Parent Care, this isn’t just a wish—it’s our commitment. We deliver personalized care that nurtures trust and closeness, forming bonds that turn carers into extended family.

Parent Care is a premier Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA) serving families throughout New York. We are compassionate and affectionate members of your immediate family and honor your mom and dad as our own. We are recognized as providers of the most personalized home care in the nation, administered by the finest family of certified health aides.

To help families navigate the many choices available, Parent Care does more than get involved. When it comes to planning, we are truly the parent of all home care. Before arrangements are set in motion, an expert consultant visits your home to walk you through all the options at your disposal.

After learning more about your family, we coordinate a specialized plan that caters to your individual care needs while taking advantage of hidden subsidies and services unknown to average caregivers. This ensures greater savings and maximum respite to benefit the entire family. Call us today at 516-518-7145 to learn more and start your journey toward compassionate and comprehensive services.

The Importance of Family-Like Care in Home Health Aide Agencies

Emotional support and a sense of belonging are fundamental to our family-like approach in home health aide agencies. This method significantly increases the client’s comfort and readiness to accept help. We cultivate stronger client-caregiver relationships by customizing care to echo familial support, thereby building an environment of mutual trust and understanding.

This strategy, promoted by Parent Care, not only increases client comfort and receptiveness to help but also encourages the development of trust and robust relationships.

Building Trust and Comfort

A health aide holding hands with an elderly person.Trust is a critical component in the caregiver-client relationship, impacting the quality of care and clients’ adherence to care plans. At Parent Care, we recognize the key role that comfort plays in shaping a positive caregiving experience. This comfort is fostered through personalized interactions and a deep understanding of the client’s preferences and routines. The presence of trust and comfort can lead to better communication between the client and the caregiver, which is crucial for effective care delivery.

We are aware that some individuals may feel vulnerable and reluctant to expose their private life and living space to a stranger, which can be a barrier to establishing trust with the caregiver. To alleviate such concerns, we promote clear and regular communication, ensuring reliability in care responsibilities and affordability of services.

Personalized Care for Each Individual

At Parent Care, we firmly believe that personalized care is the key to successful home healthcare services. Assessing individual needs, preferences, and strengths is crucial for informed decision-making and personalized care planning. We increase the effectiveness of our care plans by involving patients in setting treatment goals, thereby aligning medical care with their priorities.

Personalized care plans address each client’s unique needs, preferences, and health conditions, and involving clients in the care planning process enhances engagement and compliance with the care plan, leading to better health outcomes. In response to the evolving health status and goals of our clients, we constantly assess and modify our care plans.

Parent Care: A Home Health Aide Agency That Treats You Like Family

Parent Care is your go-to home health care service provider. Serving families across New York City, from Manhattan to The Bronx, and extending to areas like Rockaway and Coney Island, we are recognized as a premier Licensed Home Care Services Agency. Our excellence has been recognized through prestigious achievements, including the 2022 Employer of Choice Award and the 2023 Home Care Employer of Choice designation.

Our commitment to providing personalized home health care sets us apart. At Parent Care, we consider our clients more than patients — they are members of our wider family.

Our Commitment to Compassionate Care

At Parent Care, we take a personalized approach to home health care. We are dedicated to creating custom care plans tailored to address seniors’ health, mental, social, and emotional needs within their social contexts to improve outcomes. Our service model is flexible and accommodates diverse family schedules and language needs, ensuring accessibility and personalization for all clients in New York.

We extend beyond physical care by offering emotional and social support through companion care to help seniors thrive mentally, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive well-being. We honor our clients as if they were our own parents, considering ourselves as caring members of each family we serve.

Expert Consultation and Support

Parent Care is committed to easing the journey of home care for families by providing expert consultation and walking them through all the options available. Our approach to care coordination includes:

  • Providing expert consultation
  • Updating and involving all concerned parties in the planning of patient care
  • Facilitating patient-centered medical assistance

For clients who wish to select their own caregiver, we offer the option for a friend or family member to be compensated through Medicaid or insurance. Understanding the increasing financial burden of long-term care, we offer advice on pooled trusts and guide clients through the Medicaid enrollment process at their local Medicaid office, helping to secure finances and preserve family assets.

With our home health care experts available remotely through phone or website, we provide added convenience for clients initiating the enrollment process from the comfort of their homes.

Services Offered by Parent Care

A home nurse taking an elderly woman for a walk.Parent Care, a trusted home healthcare provider, offers a range of home healthcare services, including personal care, to cater to diverse needs. Our certified personal care aides assist with:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Mobility
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation
  • Household chores
  • Escorting clients to appointments

Understanding that care needs vary across different age groups, we also provide specialized services such as pediatric home health care for premature newborns and children with medical complexities, focusing on feeding, bathing, and medical monitoring.

To ensure a clean and comfortable living environment for clients, our services extend to light housekeeping, including:

  • Cleaning dishes
  • Preparing baths
  • Bathroom maintenance
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Changing bedding
  • Laundry
  • Trash disposal
  • Lawn care

Certified Health Aides

To ensure the provision of competent and compassionate care, our certified health aides at Parent Care undergo meticulous training and stringent evaluation. The certification process includes:

  • Passing a competency test
  • Enrolling in approved training programs by NYSDOH or NYSED
  • Completing Parent Care’s home health aide training
  • Drug screening
  • Background checks for certification through the New York State Home Care Worker Registry.

Our Home Health Aide Training Program consists of 59 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of hands-on practical training. We select potential home health aides who exhibit qualities like empathy, compassion, clear communication, and the ability to interact professionally with clients and their families. Our certified health aides are trained to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), working under licensed healthcare practitioners.

Specialized Care Plans

Recognizing the uniqueness of each client, we at Parent Care ensure that they receive a care plan specifically tailored to their needs, preferences, and health conditions. Our care plans are crafted considering these individual factors while also incorporating goals that account for the individual’s:

  • physical activity
  • sleep
  • diet
  • personal development

To serve a broader clientele, we offer flexible service models that include community-based services and:

  • Multilingual support, accommodating various cultural backgrounds and languages
  • Part-time to full-time options
  • Live-in options
  • Prioritizing the safety of our clients by preventing falls
  • Ensuring eligibility primarily for those who have active New York Medicaid and need help with ADLs and IADLs

In developing our comprehensive care plans, we focus on:

  • Efficient disease management
  • Holistic Health
  • Addressing potential care barriers
  • Including necessary behavioral health interventions
  • Ensuring that all aspects of a client’s lifestyle, including medication management, are considered.

The Benefits of Choosing Parent Care

Opting for Parent Care equates to selecting quality care and gaining peace of mind. Apart from our commitment to compassionate care, we offer services that lead to significant financial savings.

For family caregivers who are employed, their companies may provide caregiving services, supportive programs, and benefits, such as paid leave, which aligns with our family caregiver-focused services.

Hidden Subsidies and Services

At Parent Care, we believe in making home care accessible to all. To this end, we leverage various financial avenues to support home care. We provide subsidies for veterans in need of home health aide services through the VA Aid and Attendance benefits. Tax credits like the Child and Dependent Care Credit can be utilized by those who hire home health aides, reducing the overall cost of care.

Through the Medicaid waiver program, specifically the CDPAP program, we enable Medicaid consumers to:

  • Select and hire their own caregivers, who can be family members or friends
  • Ensure sustainable long-term care by advising families on utilizing pooled trusts and other financial planning tools to protect their assets
  • Employ strategies such as hiring family members for compensated care provision and endorsing long-term care insurance policies that cover payments to family members providing care

By doing so, we work to alleviate the economic strain on families through financial assistance.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

The positive feedback we receive from our clients reflects our unwavering commitment to compassionate care, professionalism, and sensitivity to their needs. Reviews of Parent Care often spotlight the agency’s sensitivity to clients’ needs, indicating a personalized and empathetic approach to care. Testimonials endorse the high level of training provided to our caregivers, ensuring competent and knowledgeable assistance.

Our commitment to maintaining an environment marked by professionalism and cleanliness contributes to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients.

How to Get Started with Parent Care

Embarking on your journey with Parent Care is a straightforward process. You can initiate enrollment by simply contacting us via a phone call or through our website. During the initial contact, we may arrange for a registered nurse or a healthcare provider to visit and assess the living situation, as part of the process to determine needs for home health aide services.

Assessment and Care Plan Development

Home health aide interviewing a client.The path to personalized care at Parent Care commences with an in-depth assessment. We use interviews with clients, caregivers, family members, daily observations, and professional consultations to determine the specific needs of each client. Our assessments are designed to understand the client’s needs across the following facets:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Environmental

Client interviews help us build rapport, actively listen, understand interests, and help the client set achievable goals. We also conduct family and friend interviews to gather additional details about the client’s lifestyle and care preferences. By observing daily activities and monitoring communication and mobility, we gain a deeper understanding of the client’s requirements.

Our assessment process includes crucial questions about the client’s:

  • abilities
  • cultural background
  • personality
  • specific conditions like Alzheimer’s or vision impairment
  • preferred types of activities

An interdisciplinary team, inclusive of the client and their family or caregivers, together with case managers and activity staff, collaborate throughout the assessment phase. In formulating a successful personalized care plan, we coordinate with various healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach is taken toward each client’s welfare. Maintaining a central record accessible to all care providers is critical for a unified perspective on the patient’s care.

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Choosing a home health aide agency is a critical decision that impacts you and your loved ones. Parent Care is committed to providing compassionate, personalized care that fosters trust and strong relationships. Our certified health aides, rigorous assessments, and personalized care plans ensure that each client receives the care they need. We also provide financial support through various subsidies and services, ensuring that our services are accessible to all. Our clients’ testimonials speak volumes about our dedication to professionalism, sensitivity, and compassion.

At Parent Care, we believe in treating every client like family. We honor our clients as we would our own parents. With us, you can be confident that your loved ones are in safe, caring hands. We are here to help, support, and guide you through every step of the journey. We’re just a call away. To start the enrollment process for home health aide services or CDPAP Home Care, you can reach out to us at 516-518-7145. Our team is ready to assist and guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the care you need. Choose Parent Care – because we care for you like family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a family member be paid as a primary caregiver in New York?

Yes, in New York, you may be able to get paid as a caregiver for your family member through Medicaid’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), which offers financial assistance for in-home care services.

What services does Parent Care offer?

Parent Care offers a range of home health care services, including personal hygiene, mobility assistance, medication reminders, meal preparation, household chores, escorting clients to appointments, and light housekeeping.

How does Parent Care ensure the competence of their health aides?

Parent Care ensures the competence of their health aides through rigorous training, evaluation, competency tests, approved training programs, and successful completion of Parent Care’s home health aide training. This ensures that they are well-prepared to provide quality care.

What is the process for enrolling a loved one with Parent Care?

To enroll a loved one with Parent Care, you can start by contacting us at 516-518-7145 or by visiting our website. We will arrange for a healthcare professional to conduct an assessment of your loved one’s needs. This assessment will help us develop a personalized care plan that caters specifically to their health, mental, and social requirements.

Are Parent Care services available in languages other than English?

Yes, Parent Care prides itself on cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, offering multilingual support to accommodate the diverse population of New York. Our certified health aides are proficient in various languages, ensuring that communication is clear and effective for clients and their families.

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