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Not Ready for a Nursing Home? Consider Home Health Care Services

Putting an elderly friend or family member in a nursing home is a big decision. It can be particularly challenging if the patient doesn’t agree with the move and puts up resistance. In such a case, it might be best not to force them but to opt for care at home. If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx, you have excellent options. You can find high-quality home health care services near me, no matter where in New York you are. There are numerous benefits to this option, both for you as the main caregiver and for the elderly patient. They will be allowed to remain in their familiar surroundings while still receiving top-notch care and not relying fully on you anymore. What’s more, there is less risk of further injury or trauma, and all the same treatments they would receive in the hospital are available in their own home.

Why Is Home Health Care in New York a Superior Choice?

Opting for home health care could be the best decision you ever make for your elderly and frail relative or friend. Most people resist leaving their own home because they feel most comfortable when surrounded by their own belongings. What’s more, it can be hard to get used to a new room or apartment when your mental faculties are declining. Home health care offers many advantages for people in the last stage of life. It can keep them healthy, both physically and mentally, and allow them to access the best treatments from the comfort of their home. What’s more, getting an aide will take a lot of pressure off you and other family members who may have been overwhelmed with the task of caring for the patient without assistance.

Your Loved One Is in Familiar Surroundings

The primary benefit of home health care is that the elderly person can remain in their own home, whether they currently live alone or not. This can prevent the upheaval and mental stress of moving at an advanced age, which could potentially cause depression or take years off your loved one’s life. Being able to remain at home can be reassuring and boost the patient’s self-confidence. What’s more, it could be good for their social life because they can stay in the neighborhood they are used to. Your loved one might have friends in the vicinity who are also elderly and would have trouble getting to a nursing home that may not be close by. Through home health care, the patient can keep up with their regular social circle and continue receiving visitors in their home.

There Is Less Risk

Although most people working at nursing homes do the best they can, understaffing is a big problem. In fact, the vast majority of homes in the US don’t have enough employees, which can lead to neglect or even abuse by staff members. Your loved one might not be supervised and therefore risk falling or developing painful conditions like bedsores. What’s more, catching a life-threatening infection such as the Coronavirus is much more likely in a nursing home, where there are numerous other patients, visitors, and carers. In contrast, your relative or friend will always get the care they need from the home health aide, who visits once or twice a day. Since they are only seeing one person, the risk of infection is much smaller, and they are likely to be healthier as a result.

The Patient’s Mental Health Is Stronger

Having to leave home at an advanced age is associated with a number of mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. Getting older is already stressful enough without the added pressure of having to live in a care facility. You can help your patient to avoid mental health problems and fully enjoy their golden years by providing them with care at home.

You Can Get all the Same Treatments

When thinking about home health care services near me in New York, many people are worried that their loved ones won’t get the care they need. They may believe that hospital-grade care is only available in a nursing home. However, the services available to Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx residents in their own homes are of the same quality as those in a care facility. In addition to a home health aide, who can help the patient dress, wash, cook, and take their medicine, you also have access to a number of high-level professionals. Your friend or family member can see a physiotherapist, a doctor, and specialists in various fields of medicine. What’s more, the aide can accompany them to appointments outside of the home.

It’s Easy on the Family

At some point in the life of your elderly patient, caring for them on your own becomes too hard. You and the other relatives or friends have your own lives to lead, and you might need to juggle work and your family with the patient’s care needs. This is why you might now be looking for alternative solutions. Home health care can be the best option because it takes the pressure off you. In addition to providing the daily services your loved one needs, we at Parent Care also coordinate all the different types of care provided. By using a centralized system that all relevant healthcare professionals have access to, everyone will get the information they need about the patient. Thus, we can all provide the best care and make sure appointments are spread out throughout the week.

Finding Home Health Care Services Near Me in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx

Undoubtedly, home health care is a great option for many elderly people who prefer staying in their own house over going to a nursing home. But how can you find the best provider who will visit you in NYC? The easiest way is to ask for an initial consultation and meet the people who are going to provide care. An elder care planning meeting can be a great way to learn more about a certain service and decide if it’s right for you. When you come to see us at Parent Care, we will first listen to you and your situation. Once we’ve discovered more about your patient’s needs, we can then suggest the relevant services and come up with a detailed plan. As mentioned, we will coordinate care and continually monitor whether the services are optimized. As time goes by, they can be altered to meet the changing needs of the elderly person. In New York, finding home health care services near me is easy, and Parent Care can send an aide to you, no matter if you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx. The advantages of making this choice are plentiful, both for you and your loved one. Not only do they get to stay in their familiar surroundings, but they will receive the best care possible in a coordinated way. While there are risks associated with nursing homes, such as understaffing, abuse, and getting injured, these problems are much less common with home health care. You will find that this option allows the patient to live their lives as they used to, but with more support and care. Get in touch with us now at Parent Care to book an appointment. We will speak to you about elder care planning and how to coordinate your loved one’s various needs.

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