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7 Ways Home Health Care Agencies Can Make Life More Comfortable for Your Loved One

The older your loved one gets, the more challenging it is for them to take care of themselves. While some people experience mobility issues because of old age, others have a disability or a condition that limits their capacity to perform routine daily tasks. No matter what the issue is, home health care agencies in New York can help your friend or relative be comfortable, whether they live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx.

Hiring a home health aide will allow the patient to remain in their own home while getting the assistance they need. This could include checking their medicine intake, making sure the house is safe, cooking` and other household tasks, and going to appointments outside of the home. What’s more, a great health care agency will also coordinate the care, so your loved one never has to worry about their needs not being met in a professional manner.

7 Ways New York Home Health Care Agencies Can Make Life More Comfortable for Your Loved One

1. They Visit You in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx 

The main advantage of home health care is that your aide will visit your loved one in their own house, and they can come to various boroughs in NYC. This can make life much easier because your friend or relative won’t have to go to a clinic to receive hospital-grade care. In addition to the regular help they receive with their daily tasks, they will be able to access specialized services such as physiotherapy. 

As a result of this care, the patient can remain at home for much longer than they otherwise could. Studies have shown that remaining in their own home allows elderly people to maintain their faculties longer, enjoy better mental health, and stay connected to their friends and family. It can be hard to adjust to a new place at an advanced age, so staying at home and getting high-level care can be the perfect alternative.

2. The Home Will Be Assessed 

Of course, the patient’s home might not be set up as well to accommodate their changing needs as a nursing home would be. However, this can be remedied by installing safety devices and changing the layout of the space. You might need to set up a ramp if your patient has a wheelchair. Similarly, the shower can be adjusted by adding non-slip components, a handrail, and maybe even a chair. 

When your home health aide first stops by for a visit, they will assess the home and let you know what needs to be done. Over time, they can then monitor the situation and give you updates about how your loved one is coping in the space. As their condition changes, the aide might suggest additional measures to keep them from getting injured or having trouble navigating the space.

3. The Aide Can Check Medicine Intake

Many friends and relatives of elderly people are concerned about their medicine intake. Even with clear instructions, it can be hard to keep track of a number of different drugs, and your loved one might forget. This could lead to further health complications and faster deterioration of their condition. To prevent such issues, your aide will be continually updated about the types of medicine the patient has to take. 

They can also help them by laying out the correct drugs and assisting them whenever they visit. Since your aide will most likely stop by once or twice a day, they can help the patient get into a routine and take their medicine at the same time.

4. The Aide Can Cook and Do Household Tasks

Many household tasks become challenging as we age, and your loved one might struggle with cleaning, cooking, and doing the laundry. Every day, the aide can help out with some of these activities, particularly the cooking. They will prepare simple meals for the patient and allow them to enjoy food they like that is nutritionally balanced. 

Depending on the level of care needed, New York home health care agencies in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx might advise you to supplement with a cleaner once every week or every two weeks. That way, more time remains for the aide to perform other tasks, and the patient can enjoy a professionally cleaned home.

5. The Aide Will Take Your Loved One to Appointments 

Attending regular or one-off appointments becomes harder when an elderly person starts struggling with mobility issues. This is another reason why home health care services are so crucial. An aide can take your loved one to all their appointments, thus allowing them to enjoy the same quality of life they used to have before they got ill or frail. 
For example, the patient might have a particular hairdresser they like, or they might need to visit the pharmacy or the supermarket. They can schedule these appointments together with their aide and then get assistance on the day.

6. Companion Care Can Prevent Loneliness 

When planning care, loneliness and isolation is often overlooked. Remaining at home can have many great benefits, and it can help your loved one stay plugged in with their community. However, they will oftentimes live alone, and the only person they see on a daily basis is their aide. In some situations, supplementing these visits with companion care can be a great solution. 
This program is more focused on the social aspects of caring for your friend or family member. Someone will visit them regularly and interact with them in a way that suits the patient. For example, they might read a book together, play a game, or simply chat. Alternatively, the companion can help out with simple household tasks like organizing the home or doing laundry.

7. All Care Will Be Coordinated 

Finally, care coordination is at the heart of home health care. Your loved one will be receiving hospital-quality services from a number of different providers, such as their doctor, their aide, and any specialists currently treating their condition. By integrating all these services into one system, you can make your life easier and reassure the patient that they are well taken care of. 
Every time there is an update, it will be sent to all the different providers. That way, your patient won’t have to inform everyone about changes in their health or their care, and they can be sure that the professionals are well instructed. What’s more, such a coordinated system can help spread out appointments and make them more manageable.

There are many benefits to hiring home health care agencies in New York. The highly qualified aides working there will visit your loved one in their own home in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx. They can perform routine duties like cooking or washing, help them with their medicine, and take them to their appointments. In addition, your aide will continually monitor the situation to make sure the patient is safe. 

All care will be coordinated, which means that there won’t be too many appointments on the same day, and all professionals will get updates about the patient’s situation whenever necessary. Over time, care can be adjusted to the changing needs of your elderly friend or relative. Call or message us now at Parent Care to book your initial meeting with our specialists and start planning home health care.

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