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Home Health Care: A Fantastic Option for New Yorkers

Home health care is a rapidly growing field in New York. More and more elderly or disabled people are opting to stay at their own house instead of going to a nursing facility. If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx, you might find yourself googling what are the main advantages of home health care services near me?

In fact, there are several reasons why people opt for this type of care. Not only does it allow them to remain in their own property for longer, but a full service health care company also provides support for the family, gives patients access to hospital-grade care, and increases the level of individualized assistance. In this post, we will have a closer look at the benefits of home health care and discuss where to find the best service.

What Are the Main Advantages of Home Health Care in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx?

For many people, being taken care of at home is the best solution because it doesn’t require them to move house at a time when stability is extremely important. At Parent Care, we support families by providing a comprehensive service that includes care planning, visits from a home health aide, and medical attention as needed.

All care is tailored to the individual’s requirements, and it can be altered over time. What’s more, the patient’s social and emotional needs are taken into consideration, and we can provide your loved one with companion care if necessary. This allows them to enjoy their golden years without experiencing loneliness, isolation, or fear.

Care Tailored to the Individual

When searching home health care services near me in New York, you should always make sure that the company you find online offers individual care. After you inquire about their services, they should invite you to an initial meeting, during which you can explain your family’s individual needs. Then, the health care providers can show you the various options and help you understand which ones could be suitable for the patient.

At first, many elderly or disabled people can still complete everyday tasks and simple meal prep on their own. They might only need assistance once a day or once every second day. But over time, their condition might deteriorate, so they require more help. An agency like Parent Care will reevaluate the patient’s needs on a regular basis and make sure the level of care is adequate.

Great Support for the Whole Family

Providing for an elderly or disabled relative can be extremely stressful, especially if the family members taking on this responsibility have commitments of their own. Hiring a home health aide can take a lot of the pressure off. By delegating routine tasks such as bathing and administering medicine, you can focus on socializing and spending quality time with your elderly relative.

At Parent Care, we prioritize good communication with close family members. When you begin working with us, we offer you care planning services, so you can map out the future and come up with a viable plan. Then, we devise a communication system that keeps you up-to-date on new developments. We always coordinate care between various providers, so everyone is kept informed at all times.

Low Risk for the Patient

Spending their golden years at home is a goal for many people, but since most apartments and houses in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx aren’t meant for elderly patients, this can be dangerous. During the first visit, your health aide will examine the patient’s home to determine whether any adjustments are needed.

Often, small changes can make a big difference. For instance, non-slip pads placed in strategic locations in the bathroom can significantly reduce the risk of a fall. Similarly, installing handles around the home or in the garden could give the patient the security they need to move around more freely. Your aide will suggest such measures to you and other family members, so you can take action to protect your loved one and make them feel safe in their home.

A Fully Supportive Team

One of the primary advantages of home health care is that the level of service is extremely high. During your planning meeting with Parent Care, you will discuss the needs of the patient and come up with a list of services they require. In addition to regular visits, they might need assistance with housework, specialist medical attention, social support, and help with meals.

A good home health agency can help provide or coordinate all these services. If your loved one has regular or one-off appointments, an aide or companion can take them, so they don’t have to go alone or cancel if no family member is available. Additionally, we at Parent Care will coordinate your other medical services with our aides’ visits, so the patient has regular support without being overwhelmed with too many appointments at once.

A Better Social Life

While the physical needs of the patient are extremely important, they aren’t the only thing that counts. Studies have shown that loneliness can be as deadly as bad lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking. If you live far away or have a busy schedule and can’t visit your relative on a regular basis, you should ask your home health care agency for assistance.

Companion care is a service that provides social interaction to elderly and disabled patients. The companion will visit your friend or family member on a regular basis and spend several hours with them. The visits can be structured according to the patient’s wishes. For instance, the companion can play a game with them, read a book, chat, complete light housework tasks, or take the elderly person on an outing.

What to Look for when Searching Home Health Care Services Near Me in the New York Area

As you can see, there are many reasons why home health care is the best option for many elderly or disabled patients. But how can you find a great agency in your area? The most important thing to look out for is a comprehensive service. If you go with an agency that offers only one type of assistance, you’ll have to enlist the help of several other providers.

But if you choose someone who offers a wide variety of services and can help you coordinate care, it will be much easier for you to organize your loved one’s schedule. To make sure the agency you’re considering is of a high quality, you can also have a look at the reviews and testimonials. If a lot of other people have had a great experience, you’re likely to be satisfied, as well.

Anyone who googles home health care services near me in our area will find that there are some great options. The best providers don’t just offer daily visits from an aide, but they provide patients with support such as companion care, medical assistance, and help with everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning. That way, elderly and disabled people can remain in their own homes for much longer.

Additionally, the whole family is supported by a team of experts, so relatives no longer have to worry about the health and wellbeing of their loved one. Get in touch with us now at Parent Care to find out more about our home health care services in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss the patient’s needs, then figure out the best way forward.

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