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Home Health Care Provides Medical Services From Trained Professionals

When you have a family member who is aging or dealing with medical issues, you may feel you are failing them by not being able to care for all their needs yourself. The truth is, there is no shame in using home health care services to care for your parent. If your loved one lives in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx in New York, Parent Care can help them maintain their independence without sacrificing their health and offer a solution that benefits them and you.

After you discover how knowledgeable and caring our health care professionals are, you will feel confident entrusting them with the care of your family member. Additionally, you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is living in their home and experiencing a higher quality of life than they would have at a care facility.  

Home Health Care Provides Medical Services From Trained Professionals

Home health care services allow individuals to maintain their independence and quality of life without sacrificing their health or safety. Since your family member will continue to live at home, they will not have to adapt to a new location or deal with the grief of moving out of a family home that holds many cherished memories. Most individuals would rather live out their golden years in a place they are familiar with than live in a care facility.

However, as loved ones grow older, they will often face mental and physical changes that make it difficult or dangerous to live alone in New York. These circumstances are where a home health care professional can step in and offer the assistance your loved one needs to maintain as much autonomy as possible while still receiving quality medical care.

Premium Home Health Care in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx

As a Licensed Home Care Services Agency (LHCSA), we proudly serve individuals and families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. At Parent Care, we go the extra mile to ensure your loved one has the best quality of life possible. That includes offering services ranging from medical care to transportation to household chores.

Unlike agencies that treat clients like a number, our care providers build relationships with your loved ones, helping them meet their emotional and social needs. In addition, our certified health aides care for your loved ones with the same compassion and respect you would give your parents.

Individualized Service

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to home health care services. That’s why we create a custom care plan for every single client. Before beginning care, one of our expert consultants will visit the home to meet with you and the individual receiving care. They will discuss all the possible care options available to you and your family member and help you design a care plan that meets your loved one’s every need.

If your loved one’s condition deteriorates or improves, or they realize they would prefer help in a different area, the plan is always adaptable. However, since our goal is catering to the needs of your loved one, their care plan must evolve to match your parent’s health and abilities. Therefore, we will consistently be monitoring your loved one to see if the care services they receive need to be altered.

From the Heart

At Parent Care, going through the motions isn’t enough, and the bare minimum is unacceptable. We carefully screen our aides and only hire individuals who put their heart into their work, have impeccable integrity, and hold themselves to a high standard. Clients and caregivers aren’t assigned randomly; we work hard to make sure every pairing is a perfect match.

It’s essential that your loved one feel comfortable and confident communicating with their caregiver. We employ multilingual medical professionals and caregivers to ensure that your family member can communicate with their caregivers easily without a language barrier. English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew are just a few of the languages some of our staff members speak.

Parent Care Offers:

Pediatric Home Health Care

Having a child with a medical condition is stressful, and parents can easily find themselves overwhelmed trying to meet their child’s medical needs, work, and keep their household running. Parent Care offers home health care services to individuals of all ages, including children.

Pediatric home health care services provide your child with the expert medical care they need and the support and guidance you need. Having a medically fragile child can be isolating, and many parents report feeling alone and unsupported. In addition to home health aide services, Parent Care provides nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

Hospice Care

We believe that every individual is entitled to dignity and comfort during the twilight of their life. Our aides and nurses can ensure your loved ones receive professional medical care during the final stage of their lives without being confined to a hospital. The ability to pass away at home can make your loved one passing more peaceful and allow family members to make the most of the time they have left together.

Home Health Aide Services

When you hire a home health aide from Parent Care, you can trust that a caring and certified aide will arrive to care for your loved one. Whether your family member requires care because of age, injury, or cognitive difficulties, our service is prepared to help. From assisting with dressing and toileting to helping them remember to take medication and complete treatments, your family member will receive the help they need without losing their sense of self.

Care Coordination

If your family member has unique health, lifestyle, or personal needs, care coordination can help you ensure the care they receive is complementary but not redundant. A full calendar of doctor’s appointments, physical therapy sessions, and other needs can be hard to juggle. There is also the chance that your loved one could receive two incompatible treatments or unnecessarily see different specialists.

Our care coordination service sets up appointments, prescription refills, and other necessities to provide them with streamlined care. We will assess your family member’s condition, and our experts will schedule them for the appropriate care. When care is organized, it is easier to prepare for the future and have a plan in place if your loved one’s condition changes.

Elder Care Planning

Suppose your parent or loved one is beginning to experience difficulty managing their finances, healthcare, or daily tasks. In that case, elder care can make sure nothing falls through the cracks without compromising their self-efficacy. Our professionals will establish a personalized care plan that takes your loved one’s wishes into account, as well as tasks they may struggle to accomplish.

With our team facilitating a care plan and acting as a go-between, we can help design an affordable and practical elder care plan. As a result, your loved one will receive the support they need and feel happy because their feelings and input are prioritized, and you will feel at ease knowing your family member has a comprehensive care plan and professionals are helping them navigate it.

Home Health Care Services in New York

When it comes to the care of your loved one, it’s wise to be selective. Parent Care offers home health care with a heart, providing your loved one with dignified and professional service.

We would be honored to care for your loved one if you’re looking for professional assistance to help your family member throughout their golden years. Don’t hesitate to reach out for care and support; consider us part of the family. So call Parent Care or fill out our contact form online, and let’s discuss how we can help your family during this stage of life.

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