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Home Health Care Improves Clients’ Self-Sufficiency and Feeling of Independence

For many older adults, staying independent is a high priority. Being able to remain at home and take partial responsibility for day-to-day tasks can be a valuable source of self-esteem. At the same time, it is important for older adults to feel safe and supported. Home health care provides recipients with the attention they need while helping them maintain their independence. Our certified aides provide care to families all over New York, including Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan.

What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is a term you might come across frequently if you are researching elder care options for yourself or a loved one. This service provides an at-home aide who will give care on an individual basis, creating a one-on-one bond with the recipient and often becoming “like family.”

A Customizable Approach to Elder Care in New York

Every aging person has unique needs and preferences that he or she has developed over the course of a lifetime. Because home care is provided on a one-on-one basis, it is highly customizable. You will be able to set the number of hours of care you or your loved one receives as well as the specific services to be provided.

The kind of home care a person gets is usually determined by his or her health, level of ability, and preferences. Your family may also factor in how much time relatives are able to spend providing care.

Scheduled Visits vs. Live-In Care

Many older adults just need company and help with chores here and there. They are often good candidates for Companion Care, a service that provides an aide for a few hours per week to provide social activities and assistance with routine tasks. Often, family members are able to contribute some elder care, splitting time with the aide. Other adults need round-the-clock attention and could benefit from a live-in aide to look after their emotional and physical needs.

Levels of Service

In addition to customizing the hours of care you or your loved one receives, you can specify which tasks are needed. For example, at the Companion Care level, recipients might want some assistance with meal prep, odd chores, and transportation to and from errands.

The next level of care involves skilled nursing, which might include help with dressing, hygiene, toileting, medications, and mobility. For adults who need an even more advanced type of care, home health services can provide 24-hour care and even hospice.

What Kind of Elder Care Best Maintains a Sense of Independence and Self-Esteem?

For most families researching elder care, the choice comes down to three main options:

  • Soliciting care from family members
  • Hiring an at-home aide
  • Choosing an assisted living facility

Of these three options, many people find that having a home health aide best maintains the recipient’s sense of independence while taking the burden of care off family members. Moving to an assisted living facility involves leaving a familiar environment and relinquishing a sense of control. By contrast, home care allows the recipient to actively welcome their aide into the space.

How Does Home Care Promote Independence?

At some point in life, everyone will need to receive help performing daily tasks and maintaining a safe environment. When that help comes in the form of home care, it can actually promote a sense of independence rather than detract from one’s feelings of self-sufficiency. Here are some of the ways home care can keep you or your loved one feeling active, social, and independent:

Allows the Recipient to Maintain Their Space

Owning or maintaining a home is a great source of pride. Rather than giving up their home to move into assisted living, many people choose home care for the fact that it allows them to maintain the spaces that they have cultivated over many years.

With home care, familiar routines, cherished possessions, and all the comfortable nooks and crannies of home can stay part of the recipient’s life. Additionally, many people equate their homes with a haven of privacy that can be difficult to part with. Our home health aides will involve the recipient in small household tasks to the extent that he or she is willing and able to participate, preserving a sense of responsibility and self-worth.

Feel Like Having Family Over

Our home health aides will go beyond attending to the physical needs of you or your loved one, creating a personal connection that is founded on a deep appreciation for the families we serve and the desire to bring enjoyment to each day. When there is a bond of trust and affection, having a home health aide feels less like a relinquishment of responsibilities and more like a welcome reason to enjoy another person’s company.

Continue to Have a Normal Routine

Moving to assisted living changes everything, from the time of one’s meals to the rooms one uses. Most activities and foods are provided according to a set program, and residents don’t have the same range of options they could enjoy at home. By contrast, our home health aides get to know their care recipients’ routines and preferences, allowing them to retain control over most daily choices.

Valuable Community Ties Are Left Intact

Moving away from home can limit opportunities to see friends and participate in organizations you or your loved one have been part of for years. With home care, not only does the recipient remain a part of their community, he or she can benefit from transportation to and from visits, club meetings, and other events.

Maintaining long-established ties within the community allows you or your loved one to enjoy a greater ability to choose when and with whom to socialize. Additionally, having the companionship of a home health aide will feel like an expansion of one’s close social circle.

Facilitates New Interests and Experiences

In addition to helping you or your loved one maintain cherished connections and routines, a home health aide can facilitate the discovery of new activities by suggesting games, outings, and other enjoyable pastimes. Feeling empowered to find new sources of enjoyment can promote both a sense of optimism and engagement.

Getting Care From a Compassionate Source in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Manhattan

Home care is a deeply personal experience that the caregiver and the recipient create together. Our approach to home care is built on a philosophy of embracing a person’s individuality and celebrating the life he or she has built. Our aides serve families with compassion, respect, and love. When you choose home care with us, you can be sure that our professionals are fully qualified to look out for the well-being of you or your loved one.

Stay Independent and Active With Home Health Care in New York

If you are looking for elder care in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, or Manhattan, our team of professionals is there to serve you. We will strive to bring enjoyment to your day and a sense of security to your home. Most importantly, we want all of our care recipients to feel valued and supported as they continue to live in their homes. To learn more about which home care service is right for your family, contact Parent Care Home Care.

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