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Home Health Care Services: Convenient and Caring

In the past, people who were unable to take care of themselves due to an injury, a disability, or because of old age often had to go to a care facility, particularly if they didn’t have family around to help. But in the last few years, home health services in New York have expanded, and many residents of Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn can now get the assistance they need at their own house or apartment.

Home health care is a comprehensive approach that might include planning and coordinating care, assessing the home, regular visits by a home health aide, companion care, and more. For many people, especially those who have been living in the same home for a long time, this option is preferable to being displaced and having to get used to a new location.

Home Health Services in New York: Convenient and Caring 

For families, the decision to place an elderly or disabled relative into a care home can be heartbreaking. The patient might not be ready to leave their familiar surroundings, and they might struggle to understand what is going on. Home health care could be a better option because it allows for individualized, comprehensive care at the patient’s own home.

Because we at Parent Care know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, we will tailor your loved one’s program to their needs, and we will re-evaluate the suitability of our care on a regular basis. What’s more, we take into account the patient’s mental and social wellbeing as well as their physical needs. That way, you can be sure that your relative is receiving the help they need, even if you’re not always there.

It All Starts with Planning 

Families in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn often struggle to establish a good care plan for their disabled or elderly loved one. At first, you might believe that you and other family members can do everything on your own, but care needs change over time, and it’s likely that you will be overwhelmed at some point.

Creating a comprehensive care plan that takes the patient’s wishes and your schedule into consideration is the best way forward. With the help of our team at Parent Care, you can come up with a plan that includes what care is administered by whom, where medical documents will be kept, and who will deal with insurance companies. A care consultant can also help you enrol your loved one in NY Medicaid.

Coordinating Care 

Having several appointments a day can be overwhelming for a disabled or elderly person, and being left alone for a whole day can be equally stressful. To maximize the positive effect of home health services, it’s important to coordinate the services of all providers, so the patient’s schedule remains manageable and consistent. At Parent Care in New York, we offer care coordination for our patients and their families.

We will assess all your loved one’s needs and then organize their appointments in the safest, most effective way. In addition to spacing out regular appointments, this includes making sure the entire care team is engaging in clear communication. That way, everyone will know when there are any changes, for example when a new medication is prescribed or a new therapy started.

Allowing Elderly People to Stay in Their Own Homes

One of the biggest fears of many elderly people is that they will no longer be able to live in their own homes. Most people would prefer to stay in their apartment or house, where they feel comfortable and safe, instead of being transplanted to a full-time care facility.

Home health care makes it much easier for you to respect your loved one’s wishes because you’ll have the support you need. You won’t have to send your relative to a care home, even if they struggle with the basic activities of daily living, such as washing themselves or preparing nutritious meals.


Supporting New Parents or Parents of Children with Disabilities 

Although many of our service users are elderly, we also work with young families. Often, children who are born prematurely need additional care for the first few weeks or months. During this stressful time, regular visits from a supportive aide or nurse can take a lot of the pressure off and reassure you that everything is going according to plan.

Children with disabilities also benefit from nurse or therapist visits. Traveling to a clinic or center can be stressful, and it can be hard for children to engage with their therapist when they are in a new, unfamiliar place. House visits are a great alternative because they help you save time, and they are often more effective since your child will feel at ease in their home environment.

Supporting People During Recovery 

Some people only need home health care for a short period of time, for example when they are recovering from a serious illness or after a big operation. The service is ideal for these situations because it can be tailored to the patient’s individual needs. For example, they might need daily care at the beginning, especially if they live alone, but over time, the number of visits can be reduced to two or three a week.

Companion Care 

Loneliness is one of the biggest problems in our society, and it is almost as deadly as smoking. If elderly or disabled people don’t have regular social engagements, they might pass away ten or more years earlier than their socially active peers. For this reason, we also offer companion care, a program that provides seniors with regular socialization.

The companion visits your loved one when you’re not able to, and they might play a game, read a book, do some housework, or simply have a chat together. This service is ideal for patients who don’t have any close family nearby.

How Can You Get Started with Parent Care in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn? 

As you can see, home health care is a great choice for disabled or elderly people who would like to stay in their familiar environment but who need support with regular activities such as bathing and moving from their bed to their living room. If you believe that your relative would benefit from our services, the easiest way to get started is to reach out to us. We can check that the patient is eligible, and, if so, set up a meeting with the family.

During the first conversation, we will go over your relative’s medical history and care needs. We will also ask you about the ways you’d like to be involved. Many family members enjoy visiting their elderly or disabled relatives, but they don’t have the time to provide care as well as companionship. With the help of a home health aide, the tasks can be shared, so caring for your loved one becomes more manageable.

In New York, home health services are for everyone. If your loved one is disabled, recovering from an injury, or struggling to cope at home due to old age, our highly trained home health aides and our companions will be happy to help. Give us a call at Parent Care in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn to find out more. We can offer you care planning, care coordination, regular home visits, and more.

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