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Why Home Health Care Services Are Ideal for Independent-Minded Older Adults

Witnessing a close friend or relative growing older can be a challenge. You might worry about sending them to a care home in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn because of issues such as understaffing or the disruption the move causes. On the other hand, taking care of their every need at home is impossible if you also have a job or other commitments. If you’ve googled “New York home health care services near me,” you’re on the right track.

Older adults who are no longer able to fully take care of themselves don’t need to move to a care home. Instead, they can receive the care they need in their own home, where they feel comfortable and safe. A good home health aide can help your friend or relative to live independently in their familiar surroundings, even if they start to struggle with some daily tasks.

Why New York Home Health Care Services Are Ideal for Independent-Minded Older Adults

Some people don’t mind going to a care facility when living on their own is no longer feasible, but many others would prefer to stay in their homes. In fact, only around 6.5% of older people currently live in residential homes or assisted living facilities, and most never will. If your elderly friend or relative is independent-minded, it’s likely that a live-in facility isn’t the best option for them because there are rigid rules and many limitations.

Instead, consider organizing home health care for them. This consists of an assessment of their home environment and their needs followed by regular visits by a home health aide. The aide will help your loved one get up, perform daily tasks like showering, and help with meal preparation. They might also take the patient out to regular appointments or on small trips.

The Patient Stays in their Own Home 

The number one advantage of home health care is that your friend or relative won’t need to move out of their familiar environment. If they’ve lived in their current home for a long time, they might not be willing to adjust to a new place now. Remaining at home allows them to move around well-known spaces and see their friends, who might not be able to travel to a care home that is located in a different area.

If your loved one is displaying some signs of dementia, staying in a familiar place is even more important. Having objects around that have been part of the patient’s life for many decades can be grounding and remind them of their past. What’s more, they will feel comfortable in a space they know well, and they might not have to give up their mobility.

The Patient Has an Opportunity to Go Out 

Many people who have searched for “home health care services near me” have a relative who is refusing to go to a care home because they don’t want to lose their independence. The home health aides available in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn can not only help patients inside the home, but they will also take them to various places in the neighborhood.

Elderly people often have favorite shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, and doctors. With home health care, they can still visit them whenever necessary. What’s more, the aide can take the patient to the park, for a stroll around the neighborhood, or to a friend who is also housebound. These activities enrich the elderly person’s life and allow them to experience fun moments.

The Patient Has Companionship 

One of the most important components of home health care is companionship. If you and other family members live too far away to visit your elderly relative every week, we at Parent Care offer companion care, a service specifically designed for people who live alone or have limited social contacts. The companion will visit your loved one regularly, often once a week, and they will provide socialization and emotional support.

The sessions can be structured to your loved one’s liking. For example, the companion could play cards with them, read to them, have a chat, or even take them out on a trip. They can also do light housework whenever necessary.

The Patient Can Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’ve looked into sending an elderly New York resident to a care home, you might have come across concerning statistics related to understaffing. In many facilities, there aren’t enough people to take care of all the residents, so they might suffer physically and emotionally. With home health care, this isn’t the case because the aide will come for scheduled visits as often as needed.

They will provide your loved one with healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, and they will closely monitor the patient’s situation to make sure they are still safe in their home. If anything changes or if the aide is concerned about your relative’s health, they will let you know, so you can contact a doctor or make the necessary changes.

The Service Can Be Adapted to Changing Needs 

Over time, your loved one might no longer be as independent, and they might need additional care. This is not a problem because the service we provide can be adjusted. For example, the aide’s number of weekly visits can be increased, or the tasks they complete can be changed. We will check in with you on a regular basis to discuss your loved one’s care and to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Home Health Care Is for Everyone 

In the past, only people with large incomes could benefit from home health care, and aides had to be paid privately. But fortunately, this service is now available to everyone, and your loved one might be eligible for free care. At Parent Care, we accept people who have Medicaid and need help with Activities of Daily Living or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living.

Home Health Care Services Near Me: Accessing Services in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, or Brooklyn

Now you understand what home health care is and why it could be beneficial for your independent-minded friend or relative, you might wonder how to access this service. The easiest way is to reach out to Parent Care and book an appointment. In addition to providing you with home health aides, we also offer care planning and coordination, so we can help you come up with a viable schedule for your family and get your loved one’s doctors involved.

During your initial consultation, we will review your situation and discuss what kind of help is needed. Before regular visits start, the aide will visit your friend or relative and make sure that the home is safe for them. Often, simple adjustments such as installing anti-slip devices in the bathroom and adding handrails to the rooms can decrease the risk of falls and other injuries.

If you’ve googled “home health care services near me in New York,” it’s likely that you need support caring for an elderly friend or relative. Getting a home health aide is a great solution because your loved one will be able to stay active and independent in their own home, but they will receive the support they need to feel safe. Contact us at Parent Care to find out more about our home health services in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. 

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