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Why Home Health Care Is a Great Option for Older Adults Needing Personalized Care

Recent studies have shown that 61 percent of Americans over the age of 70 are worried about losing their independence. If your loved one living in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx is struggling to cope on their own, home health providers local to New York could help. Home health care is a great option for older adults who need personalized care and don’t want to leave their familiar environment.

Why Home Health Care Is a Great Option for Older Adults Needing Personalized Care

The vast majority of seniors would prefer to stay in their own homes instead of moving to a nursing home because they can remain independent for longer and keep up their familiar routines. However, it can be hard for families to care for an elderly person who can no longer cope with the activities of daily living, like taking a shower, preparing meals, and getting dressed.

With a good home health service, your loved one can remain in their own home and benefit from excellent care at the same time. The service can be tailored to the individual’s situation, and care with other providers like specialists can be coordinated. The home health aide will visit your loved one as often as necessary, and they will make sure that the home environment remains safe even when the elderly person’s condition changes.

Flexible Care Options at the Patient’s New York Home 

Home health care is a great option for patients whose care needs are unique or change over time because the health aide’s visits are fully customizable. We offer individualized care plans that suit your loved one’s situation. If the patient can still perform most of their daily routine independently, we’ll help them with the harder tasks, like organizing their home and doing their laundry.

In this case, one visit every few days might be enough. Patients who need more assistance are visited every day or even twice a day. The home health aide moves them from the bed to the chair, assists with washing and getting dressed, prepares simple meals for them, makes sure that they take all their prescription medications, and escorts them to their appointments.

Easy Care Planning and Coordination 

One of the main reasons why people have to go to the care home is that coordinating their various medical appointments and health services becomes too difficult for the family. Professional home health services offer care planning and coordination, so this is no longer a concern. When you reach out, we’ll invite you to a planning meeting, during which you tell us about your elderly or disabled relative.

Together, we’ll come up with a viable plan that takes into consideration the patient’s wishes, their health concerns, and the location and layout of their home. We’ll intentionally organize care and communicate with all providers, including the specialists, primary physician, and home health aides. That way, everyone can access information and updates about the patient, and appointments can be spread out throughout the week.

Greater Independence 

At a care home, patients have very little control over their days. They might be asked to get up, eat their meals, and go to bed at a certain time, and they only have a limited set of activities at their disposal. Because around 90% of nursing homes are currently understaffed, nurses don’t have enough time to cater to the individual needs of the residents.

When the patient can stay at home, it’s much easier for them to choose their activities and schedule. Apart from the pre-planned home health aide visits, your relative can design their day the way they like it best. They’ll also have access to all their favorite belongings and activities, so they can keep pursuing their favorite hobbies.

A Safe Environment 

Many relatives of elderly New Yorkers worry that their loved one is no longer safe in their home, especially as their condition deteriorates. At Parent Care, we train all our home health aides to recognize unsafe situations and speak up. Because your relative will have a daily visit, any changes in their condition will be noticed and communicated. The home health aide will also let you know if they think that a change is necessary.

Often, small adjustments can make all the difference. To keep the patient safe, your home health providers might recommend that you install handrails on the walls and anti-slip mats on any slippery surfaces, remove clutter to prevent falls, move items the patient needs to accessible drawers, and move everything to the first floor.

A Cost-Effective Way of Accessing Great Care 

The cost of living is high in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx, and at the moment, many elderly people are worried about inflation. Expensive care options like enrolling in a luxury nursing home are out of the question for most residents. Fortunately, home health care doesn’t have to cost a lot. At Parent Care, we accept patients on Medicaid, so a large part of our care is subsidized.

If you believe that your elderly loved one qualifies for Medicaid, but they haven’t been enrolled yet, reach out to us. We will evaluate your situation and help you complete the necessary paperwork.

A Better Social Environment 

Did you know that loneliness affects a patient’s health nearly as much as smoking? Elderly people who don’t get enough social interaction are at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, a weakened immune system, Alzheimer’s disease, and obesity. They are also much more likely to have mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Staying in their familiar environment can help people to maintain their social networks. Your loved one can have friends over whenever they want, not just during designated visiting hours. Our home health aides and companion carers will also accompany the patient on errands and outings, so they can still participate in their favorite community activities.

How Can I Choose the Best Home Health Providers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx? 

The best way to find a good home healthcare team is to look at the websites of local providers. Check the reviews and testimonials to find out whether families are happy with the services they’ve received. Then, read through the “Who We Are” and “FAQ” pages, which will help you to decide whether the provider is suitable for your loved one.

At Parent Care, we see our work as more than just a job. We’re passionate about taking care of your frail relative, and we always offer personalized care in coordination with the whole family and the other healthcare providers. All our home health aides are certified, and we pay them a competitive rate, so they can concentrate on taking care of your family member without worrying about their personal finances.

Older adults living in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or the Bronx don’t have to go to a nursing home and give up their independence. With regular visits from a home health aide, they can stay in their familiar environment and benefit from hospital-grade care simultaneously. Get in touch with us at Parent Care in New York to find out how to enroll your loved one. 

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