Home Health Aide Jobs in Brooklyn, NY

Home Health Aide Jobs in Brooklyn, NY

Home health aides in New York, NY are in high demand, with many available home health aide jobs in Brooklyn, NY offering competitive salaries and fantastic benefits. If you’re a home health aide or want to be one, below is everything you need to know about the availability of jobs, the wages you can expect, and the training required to work in Brooklyn, NY.

The Demand for Reliable Home Health Aides in Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY generally has a severe shortage of home health aides in a fast-growing industry. As the demand for aides rises in the city, it creates an industry with many jobs and opportunities for certified home health aides, including in Brooklyn, NY, where thousands of jobs are available.

The Fastest-Growing Industry

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected growth of 25 percent, with approximately 711,700 openings for home health aides projected each year over the next decade.

While the home health industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country, the need for home care is growing even faster.

The Need for Home Care

By 2030, 21 percent of the population in America will be at the age to retire. Elderly and disabled patients increasingly rely on home healthcare because it is less expensive, reduces their medical expenses, and they prefer assistance in their own homes.

In fact, a 2018 AARP survey found that 76 percent of people 50 and older would rather stay at home as they grow older, where they are comfortable and surrounded by loved ones.

Home Health Aide Jobs in Brooklyn, NY

An increasing number of people in Brooklyn, NY, want healthcare services at home, and job offers far outnumber the number of job seekers. This means a certified home health aide with the required training and skills can pick and choose between the best jobs that offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Examples of Recommended Skills

An aide who is a high school graduate and has high professional standards, is bilingual, with communication and computer literacy skills, has Alzheimer’s care and assisted living experience, chest x-ray certification, and can provide a high level of customer care will find a job easier at a home care agency or care facility in Brooklyn, NY.

Well-Paid Skills and Qualifications

Aides with skills such as patient care, nursing experience, and medication administration are paid well, with the best-paid qualifications being registered physical therapists and registered graduate nurses.

Competitive Pay

All aides are entitled to receive at least a minimum wage of $17 per hour as starting pay, but most aides with additional training and experience make more than that per hour. Aides working in Brooklyn, NY, can receive $18.50 per hour from private pay clients, earn between $19 and $22 per hour if they have geriatric and pediatric care experience, and make even more per hour if they have specialized skills.

Average Monthly Salary

A home health aide in Brooklyn, NY, can take home an estimated average monthly salary of $2,700 monthly, and skilled and experienced aids with years of experience in the field can make more than $3,400 monthly.

Working Hours

Working hours range from full-time to part-time employment in the evenings and weekends. Remove the middle section for clarity.

Extra Pay

According to state regulations, aides must receive extra pay in addition to their minimum wages for overtime, call-in pay, the spread of hours, and uniform maintenance.

A home health aide that works more than 40 hours (or 44 hours for residential employees) weekly must be paid 1½ times their regular rate.

A home health aide is entitled to receive extra pay if the aide goes to work as scheduled but is sent home early and is entitled to extra pay equal to one hour at the minimum wage if their workdays last longer than ten hours.


Many positions in Brooklyn, NY, offer aides great benefits such as health and dental insurance, holiday pay, and paid sick leave; some even include free training.

Work Environment

Home health agencies in Brooklyn, NY, usually employ aides to provide personal and health care in patients’ homes, small group homes, and care facilities.

Some aides have only one patient, providing personal care and healthcare to a private pay client in a patient’s home on live-in assignments, while others attend to multiple patients.

Responsibilities of a Home Health Aide

Aides provide a critical lifeline to the elderly, people with disabilities, and adult and pediatric patients who wish to live quality lives at home. These helper bees provide personal care, routine healthcare, and assistance with daily living activities.

Job Tasks

A home health aide’s job tasks include personal hygiene, toileting assistance, changing bed linens, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and taking patients to medical appointments.

Home Health Aide Educational Requirements

Under the state licensing law, the local requirements to provide home health aide services in New York, NY, is a high school diploma or equivalent and a successfully completed 75-hour Home Health Aide Training Program (HHATP) or competency evaluation program.

The training must be provided by a New York State Educational Department (NYSED) or New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)-approved Home Health Aide Training Program (HHATP) or competency evaluation program.


Training programs are offered by vocational-technical schools, community colleges, and nursing care facilities across New York, NY., and teach students to provide routine healthcare to patients under the supervision of licensed healthcare providers.

Topics of Study

The topics of study range from communication and documentation skills, maintaining a healthy environment, and home management tasks to emergency procedures, basic infection control procedures, reading and recording vital signs, and related administrative responsibilities.


A home health aide will receive hands-on, on-the-job training from a certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, supervisor, and other health care providers.

With the demand for aides in Brooklyn, NY, it’s an excellent career move if you genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of others. If you want to join a team of healthcare professionals at a home care agency in New York, NY, who are passionate about providing care, call Parent Care at 718-486-7100 now, and start a fulfilling career as a home health aide.

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