Home Health Aide Jobs in New York

In the current economic climate, finding a new job can be challenging. Fortunately, there are good opportunities available with home health aide jobs in New York. At Parent Care in Queens, NY, we have full time positions available for home health aides. Read on to find out more about this job and how you can get started with us.

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

A personal care aide visits clients in their houses and helps them to perform their daily activities safely. The aide is an integral part of the patient’s life. Some of the duties include ensuring the elderly or vulnerable person’s safety, preparing their meals, helping them with their personal hygiene, reminding them to take their medication, and taking care of their home.

Ensuring the Patient’s Safety

One of the most important tasks of a personal care aide is ensuring each patient’s safety. The aide checks that the home is suitable for the resident and that there aren’t any risky areas. If necessary, the home health aide speaks to supervisors about changes that would make the patient’s life easier and safer. These might include installing handrails, making alterations to the bathroom, and adding anti-slip mats to slippery surfaces.

Meal Preparation

Most patients are visited at least once per day by their home health aides. The aide helps clients with light housekeeping tasks like food preparation, serving tea or coffee, and setting up the table for breakfast or dinner.

Help with Personal Hygiene

Patients who get visited by a home health aide almost always struggle with the activities of daily living. Many of these are related to personal care and hygiene. Home health aides help patients to go to the bathroom, take a shower or bath, and get dressed.

Health Care

A good home health aide can perform health related tasks like providing medication reminders and helping patients take the necessary drugs. Sometimes, the aide is a registered nurse, but this isn’t a prerequisite for the job. Aides make sure that patients are taking the correct drugs, and they might help them care for wounds, bruises, and other small injuries.

Taking Residents Out

Sometimes, a home health aide takes residents out when they have appointments or need to buy something from local stores. To do this, the aide needs an insured automobile, and they have to be competent drivers.

Home Care

Finally, home health aides have to help the patient care for their home. They might intuitively arrange the furniture to prevent the residents from tripping or slipping, put objects away after patients are done using them, and clean up small messes.

What Are the Requirements for this Job?

Before you can start your new job as an aide, you have to have a physical examination, complete the required job training, and get a valid driver’s license. You also have to speak and understand English because this is the primary language of most clients.

What Are the Perks of this Job?

Unlike a licensed practical nurse, who might have to work nights, a home health aide works day shifts. They might visit patients in the morning and help them get up, then return in the afternoon or evening to get the elderly or vulnerable person ready for bed.

The home health aide can work full time, but they can also choose part-time hours. Job satisfaction is usually very high because the aide provides vital services that help patients stay in their own homes. When working with a reputable company like Parent Care, they also get competitive pay and certain benefits.

How to Become a Certified Home Health Aide in NY

Before you can work as a home health aide in Queens, NY, you have to complete a HHATP or competency evaluation program. This shows that you have understood how to provide assistance and take care of clients. The program involves spending 76 hours in a classroom and learning about the services you’re going to be offering your clients. You’ll also be spending a day in clinical training, and you’ll undergo a physical examination.

Who Is This Job Suitable for?

During your job search, you might have come across personality quizzes that help you determine whether a certain career is right for you. To work in health care, you have to be kind, patient, understanding, and friendly. If you’re sociable and you like working with elderly or disabled Queens residents, you’ll enjoy being a personal care aide.

Our aides come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we are an inclusive employer. However, we can only work with people who are healthy and able to complete all the physical tasks associated with being a home health aide.

Why Parent Care?

At Parent Care, we are currently hiring home health aides in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx. We offer competitive pay, great working conditions, and reasonable hours because we want our aides to be well-rested and motivated when working with patients.

In addition to home health care, we also offer several other services, like companion care, hospice care, care coordination, and elder care planning. As a home health aide, you have the opportunity to move up in our company and take on some of these additional roles.

Becoming a home health aide is a great career move for people who are looking for an amazing and rewarding opportunity, a competitive salary, and flexible hours. At Parent Care, we’re hiring home health aides who have a passion for care and a valid driver’s license. Send us a message at Parent Care or call us at 718-486-7100 to find out more about becoming an aide in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, or the Bronx.

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