Home Health Aide Jobs in Rockaway, NY

Home Health Aide Jobs in Rockaway, NY

One of the fastest-growing occupations in the healthcare industry is that of home health aide. These at-home caregivers assist with daily tasks for clients who want to live at home comfortably. Learn more about what this job entails, basic qualifications, and benefits.

What Tasks Do Home Health Aides Do?

A home health aide (HHA) completes many tasks associated with everyday living that cannot be easily completed by the client. In many ways, HHA provides personalized assistance to make home care possible.

Perform Health-Related Tasks

Some health aides will need to perform tasks related to healthcare, such as checking blood glucose levels or reminding clients about taking medication on time. A registered nurse working as an HHA may need to perform some of these tasks.

Provide Personal Transportation

Aides will often provide transportation for tasks such as errands, doctor appointments, and more. Depending on the role of the aide, it may be necessary to take clients to do outdoor activities, such as walking in a park. Transportation for clients who have assistive devices such as wheelchairs and walkers is essential, particularly in areas such as Long Island or Brooklyn, NY.

Escort to Medical Appointments

Clients may need an escort to medical appointments. As a health aid, escorting a client to a doctor’s appointment may be necessary to supervise the patient, ensure the patient arrives on time, and more. For example, if a client has a chest x-ray and will need assistance changing into a gown for the imaging appointment, an aide will help with this task.

Help With Light Housekeeping

It’s imperative for clients living at home to live in a clean, safe environment. One of the main tasks of an aide in Rockaway, NY will be to reduce tripping and fall hazards, ensure the home has adequate lighting and heat, and keep the home clean. Housekeeping, such as dusting, laundry, meal preparation, and other household chores, can improve the health of the client.

Assist With Personal Care

Many clients will need assistance with personal care, particularly bathing, grooming, daily hygiene, dressing, and toileting. As a personal care assistant, it is the role of the HHA to ensure the client has dignity when being assisted with these essential tasks. Some aides will need to learn specific skills for toileting assistance, including how to clean bedside commodes and use incontinence supplies.

Other Personal Care Assistant Tasks

Home care aides may also help with other types of care, such as providing companionship or company when other tasks are completed. Many clients in New York, NY will benefit from caregivers who can provide professional home care and genuine companionship at the same time.

Finally, some clients may require live-in HHAs for extensive care. For example, some family members may want to hire an HHA who lives with the client to assist.

Who Are the Clients?

Clients typically include individuals who have temporary disabilities, permanent disabilities, chronic illnesses, or temporary illnesses. Most clients need assistance to complete tasks of daily living to continue living at home rather than at a nursing home, long-term care facility, or hospital. Clients may include health plan members or a private pay client.

What Qualifications Are Needed for HHA Jobs in Rockaway, NY?

HHAs must pass background checks and have valid driver’s licenses. An individual worker may have a qualification as a licensed practical nurse, particularly if care will be provided to clients who need medical monitoring.

Home health aides must be willing to comply with local requirements for home care, state regulations, home care policies, and many other professional standards. It’s essential for clients receiving at-home care to receive the same standard of care they would receive at a live-in facility.

What Are the Benefits of Home Health Jobs?

Being a health aide for people who need in-home care is a fulfilling job, both in terms of personal fulfillment and job benefits. For example, home health jobs pay aids per hour, provide paid time off for sick time, and other benefits. For example, a private pay client in Manhattan will pay for an aide per hour, while an agency will ensure there is paid time off for all billable hours.

A licensed home care agency is also an equal opportunity employer, which means national origin, gender, and other demographics will not factor into the hiring process.

Rockaway home care may be essential for clients who need additional assistance to live at home. To learn more about health aide jobs in Rockaway, NY, Far Rockaway, NY, Brooklyn, NY, and New York, NY, contact Parent Care at 718-486-7100 today.

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