Home Health Aide Jobs in The Bronx, NY

Home Health Aide Jobs in The Bronx, NY 

Thousands of individuals in the Bronx, NY, have conditions that cause them to require assistance with daily tasks. Home health aide services assist these individuals in a home care setting, completing tasks such as personal care and light housekeeping.

If you have a heart for serving others and want to provide warm, compassionate care and support to your clients, becoming a home health aide (HHA) could be a rewarding career choice. There are plenty of jobs in the Bronx, NY, for certified home health aides, and the industry is projected to grow as aging individuals prefer to stay at home instead of moving to a care facility.

Benefits of Working as a Home Health Aide

Flexible Schedule

If you have family responsibilities that limit your availability or simply appreciate a flexible schedule, you’ll enjoy the adaptability of being a home healthcare aide. Since the job tasks you’ll complete will vary from client to client, their scheduling needs will differ, and so your working hours range. For example, some clients may request live-in assignments for consistent care, while others need help completing their range of motion exercises twice a week. There are a wide range of home health aide jobs in The Bronx, NY.

Stay Balanced

Many individuals are looking for home health aides in New York, NY, allowing you to work flexible hours that fit your schedule. When you work with a home health care service in Manhattan, NY, and the surrounding boroughs, you can choose how many hours you work. A flexible schedule makes maintaining a work-life balance more manageable whether you pursue a full-time or part-time career.

Competitive Starting Pay

Finding a job with a reasonable starting pay is challenging, but licensed caregivers are in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the mean wage for home healthcare aides in New York at $16.11 per hour. However, due to the competitive nature of HHA jobs, finding jobs that pay more per hour or offer benefits such as paid sick leave, flexible scheduling, or paid time off isn’t unusual.

Rates May Vary

Keep in mind that $16.11 is the mean wage per hour across the state. Therefore, jobs near the Bronx, NY, may pay differently than jobs in Mount Vernon, NY. In addition, the method a patient uses to pay for their care can also impact the amount caregivers make per hour, as a private pay client in Manhattan, NY, may pay a different amount than a Medicaid patient in the Bronx, NY.

Job Security

The New York City Health Department’s “Health of Older Adults in New York City” report states that 1.1 million adults aged 65 and older are in NYC. As more individuals opt to forgo nursing homes to remain at home, the need for in-home care will continue to rise. As a result, home healthcare aides in the following cities can feel confident in their job prospects, as these locations offer ample employment opportunities:

      • the Bronx, NY

      • Brooklyn, NY

      • Mount Vernon, NY

      • New York, NY

    Assist all Ages

    It’s essential to remember that not all personal care aides tend to seniors. Clients of all ages can benefit from having a dynamic care team to help them with various aspects of daily living.

    Making a Difference

    If you’re looking for jobs in the Bronx, NY, that allow you to make a positive difference, working as a home health aide (HHA) could be a fantastic fit. Individuals in the home health industry, whether working as certified home health aides, personal care aides, certified nursing assistants, or those offering community support services, are helping individuals stay independent and improve their quality of life. If home health aide jobs didn’t exist, thousands of people would lose their ability to age in the comfort of their homes.

    Home Sweet Home

    Hiring caregivers also lets the individual’s family members relax and know that a compassionate care team is serving their loved ones. Helping clients with activities such as bathing, showering, grooming, dressing, and light housekeeping allows them to live out their golden years in their homes, surrounded by their loved ones. 

    What Are the Duties of Home Health Aides?

    You can expect to complete various job tasks as a home health aide. Your daily duties will match your client’s needs, from ensuring they take their medications on time to performing home management tasks and providing toileting assistance. 

    Daily Tasks

    Showering, grooming, dressing, toileting, and administering medication can all fall within the job requirements of a home health worker. Depending on the client’s needs, a home health aide may help them with exercises or drive them to their doctor for a chest X-ray.

    Each Client Is Unique 

    Home health aides working as live-ins in the Bronx, NY, provide around-the-clock care will often have different responsibilities than those that assist a client part-time. While home health aides complete basic medical care, such as administering medication, a certified nursing assistant or registered nurse will handle more complex medical needs.

    Providing Guidance

    Family members may ask you for guidance about the best ways to transport a client, how often to administer medication, and other items pertaining to the client’s care. Since you will be in your client’s home, you can help them with issues directly, whether they need to learn how to help the client use their mobility device or guide them through assigned exercises. 

    Family Support

    A home health aide (HHA) often benefits the client’s family almost as much as the client. As a home health aide, you’ll provide family members a reprieve from being caregivers, relieving stress and allowing them to take time for self-care.

    Communicating With Care Providers

    As a home health aide in the Bronx, NY, you’ll communicate with your client’s care team to ensure they get the best possible treatment. You’ll likely work with doctors, nurses, personal care aides, and physical therapists, and you’ll need to ensure all parties are aware of the others’ recommendations for the client. 

    Staying on Track

    Additionally, you may have some client-related administrative responsibilities. These could include making sure care notes and health updates are relayed to the appropriate parties or helping schedule appointments.

    Being a Certified Home Health Aide

    To be a home health aide and be eligible to apply for jobs in the Bronx, NY, or other cities in the state, you will need to complete an NYS DOH (New York State Department of Health) approved basic training program or an equivalent exam approved by the HCD (Home Care Department). Once you’re a certified home health aide, you’ll want to create a job alert on employment websites for home health aide jobs in the Bronx, NY.

    You will be expected to maintain professional standards, follow state regulations, and meet all local requirements, whether you work in the Bronx, NY, or elsewhere. Families who hire a certified home health care aide for loved ones expect a mature caregiver, so you’ll want to put your best foot forward at interviews. Finally, companies hiring caregivers will require you to complete a drug screen before you begin work.

    Partner With Parent Care in the Bronx, NY

    The home healthcare industry is projected to grow 25% between now and 2030, making this a wise career move if you’re looking for job security. In addition, working as a home health aide (HHA) is emotionally and financially rewarding, making it a career field where you can make a difference without sacrificing fair compensation.

    If you’re interested in beginning or continuing a caregiving career, we would love to speak with you. Contact Parent Care at 718-486-7100 or fill out an inquiry form online today.

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