Home Health Aide Training in the Bronx, NY

Home health aides help patients to remain in their own homes despite physical and mental health challenges. This job is fulfilling, varied, and interesting and home health aide training in the Bronx, NY can be found here. However, not everyone can become a certified home health aide. To work for a company like Parent Care, individuals have to participate in HHA training.

What Are the Requirements for Home Health Aides in New York State?

Everyone who wants to work as a personal care aide has to take part in a comprehensive training program. The New York State Department of Education requires individuals to participate in 75 hours of practical and classroom training. Students are expected to spend 40 hours learning about home care and 19 hours learning about health-related subjects.

They also participate in 16 hours of supervised practical training. These training program requirements have to be fulfilled within 60 days. After successful completion of the course, candidates receive a New York State HHA certificate, and they can look for work immediately.


Although most people are good candidates for home health aide training, not everyone can take part. This job involves many physical tasks like scrubbing, lifting heavy objects, and pushing wheelchairs. For this reason, individuals have to be physically fit to take part. Because patients need consistency, personal care aides have to be reliable. If they struggle with health issues or difficult family situations, they might not be good candidates because they will be absent too often.

Additionally, certain character traits are beneficial. The most successful aides are those who are warm, caring, and flexible. They love working with other people, and the well-being of patients is their top priority. Because situations are often unpredictable in home care, the best candidates can change plans at a moment’s notice and provide quality care under difficult circumstances.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

A program approved by the New York State Education Department may charge tuition. Typically, home health aide courses cost $400-1,000, but it depends on the provider. Some candidates also have to participate in first aid training, which comes at an additional cost.

Free home health aide programs are available through the US Department of Health. These programs don’t charge for tuition, but participants might have to pay up to $100 for materials. The best way to find out more about low-cost or free training program options is to reach out to Parent Care. We can recommend the best providers in The Bronx, NY.

What Types of Institutions Offer Low-Cost or Free HHA Training?

In New York, you can find free home health aide training programs in various locations. Some community colleges and private institutions provide HHA training. Many programs offer evening classes so candidates don’t have to take time off work while they participate in home care training.

If you’re ready to find out more, visit the Department of Health’s website or contact us at Parent Care. We can recommend a health aide training program that offers high-quality hands on instruction close to your home in The Bronx, NY.

What Additional Requirements Are There?

To work as a home health aide, candidates have to successfully pass the free training program offered by the Department of Health. They also have to undergo certain tests. A toxicology screening might be necessary because it shows that the candidate does not take illegal drugs. Applicants also have to undergo a criminal background check.

Many organizations require a pre-employment physical. This rigorous screening process is necessary because home health aides have to be in good general health to provide great care. 

What Can I Do Once I Qualify?

Once you’ve completed your employment program, you can start work right away. Although some aides work independently, most sign up with an agency. Organizations like Parent Care help newly certified home health aides to build up a career in healthcare. They also offer great benefits.

Finding work at HHA agencies can be challenging because they often have strict requirements. However, certified home health caregivers are in demand, especially in The Bronx, NY. If you’re a friendly and caring individual, and you’ve successfully completed the free training program offered by the New York State Department of Health, you’re almost guaranteed employment. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Parent Care. We have clients in The Bronx, NY and many other locations in the city.

How Much Does a Home Health Aide Earn?

The average full-time home health aide earns between $30k and $40k per year. Most agencies also offer generous benefits.

Candidates who have recently completed their aide training might start at a lower rate, but their wages increase every year. Those who would like to earn more can participate in advanced HHA training or get a dual certification. This allows them to take on more responsibility and therefore earn a higher wage.

Can I Participate in Continued Education?

At Parent Care, we offer all our employees free HHA training. Our continued education programs range from seminars on cultivating familial love to technical programs that help candidates to improve their quality of care.

Sometimes, our aides ask us whether they can become registered nurses while working for us. Because we offer flexible and part-time positions, it’s possible to continue working while studying to become a nurse.

What Does a Personal Care Assistant Do?

A home health aide visits clients at their homes and helps them with everyday tasks. Typically, the people who need home health care struggle with the Activities of Daily Living. They can no longer bathe and dress themselves, prepare meals, and take care of their homes.

Some of the tasks of a home health aide include checking patients’ vital signs, helping them with personal hygiene, preparing meals, and completing prescribed exercises with them. Aides also take patients to appointments or on days out. Although they aren’t nurses or doctors, they perform simple medical tasks. In particular, they help clients to take prescribed medications correctly.

Additional Services Offered by Home Health Agencies

Aside from home visits, Parent Care also offers care coordination and care planning. This means that our cooperative home care associates work with a team of doctors, therapists, and nurses. They communicate with other health professionals to make sure that the patient receives the best care possible.

Do Certified Home Health Aides Work Full Time Hours?

As a certified home health aide, you can work full time hours if you’d like to maximize your income. However, this isn’t a requirement. You can take on as many or as few assignments as you like. This is one of the key advantages of this job.

Although night shifts are uncommon in home healthcare, aides sometimes have to work weekends because patients need care on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s common for aides to work every other weekend. That way, they have a good work-life balance because they can provide great care and also spend time with their families.

Why Work As a Home Health Aide?

There are several reasons why you should consider participating in free home health aide training. Firstly, the programs only take a month or two, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on your certification. Secondly, the work is extremely rewarding. As a home health aide, you are helping people stay in their own homes, so they don’t have to go to a nursing facility.

Over time, you build up connections with your patients, so they feel like family. Finally, good agencies offer competitive wages and good benefits. That way, you can do a job you love without having to worry about your finances.

What Is the Long-Term Job Outlook?

In New York, home healthcare is a booming industry. At the moment, there are around 1.1 million elderly people in the city. This figure is likely to soar in the next few years as more people survive into their 80s and 90s due to medical advances. As a result, an increasing number of patients will need home healthcare.

It’s also worth noting that nursing homes are no longer as popular as they used to be. Many facilities are understaffed, so patients don’t have a good experience. Families are increasingly aware of this, so they want to keep their loved ones at home for as long as possible.

Why Choose Parent Care?

There are several home health organizations in the local area, but Parent Care is one of the best. We want to make sure that all our patients have a great experience, so we treat our staff well.

When you work with us, you can expect a high salary, good benefits, and flexible working hours. We also make sure that all our aides have access to continued education, so they are the first to learn about home healthcare innovations and updates.

In New York, becoming a certified home health aide only takes 75 hours of classroom and practical training. Free HHA training is available through the Department of Health. Get in touch with us at Parent Care or call us at 718-486-7100 to find out more about our opportunities. If you’ve recently completed your health aide training, we’d be happy to help you with job placement.

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