Payment and Financial Information

How Are Home Health Services Paid For?

Personal services are paid for either through private health insurance, state health insurance, or out-of-pocket payments. A private pay client may pay the HHA directly or through the agency service. On the other hand, health plan members can hire a certified home health aide for adult and pediatric patients, and payments for services will be processed through health insurance.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an HHA?

Being a health aide for people who need in-home care is a fulfilling job, both in terms of personal fulfillment and job benefits. For example, home health jobs pay aids per hour, provide paid time off for sick time, and other benefits. For example, a private pay client in Manhattan will pay for an aide per hour, while an agency will ensure there is paid time off for all billable hours.

A licensed home care agency is also an equal opportunity employer, which means national origin, gender, and other demographics will not factor into the hiring process.

Rockaway home care may be essential for clients who need additional assistance to live at home. To learn more about health aide jobs in New York, NY, contact Parent Care at 347-679-8942 today.

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