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At Parent Care we want you to have all the tools you need to make sure you understand how to use the Mobile App.

In this Education Portal, we offer a variety of training topics for you to become familiar with the Mobile App. The better you know and understand how to use the Mobile App, the less hardship you will experience. You need to go through ALL the training material. At the end of each training, you will receive a Certificate and a supervisor will be notified.

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Below are the Parent Care Training Videos currently available. All our Training Videos are self-paced and you can review them as many times as you need. At the end of each Training, there is an Exit Quiz that checks your understanding of the material. Once you pass this quiz, you are issued your certificate.


Parent Care Introduction

Learn About the ParentCare Company


Solicitar Lección de Turnos Abiertos

Aprenderá cómo solicitar turnos abiertos utilizando la aplicación móvil.


Navegando Por la Aplicación Móvil

En esta capacitación, veremos cómo navegar por la aplicación móvil.


Entrenamiento de Restablecimiento de Contraseña de Aplicación Móvil

En esta capacitación, aprenderá cómo restablecer su contraseña en la aplicación móvil.


Capacitación Sobre Opciones de Idioma

En este video de capacitación, aprenderemos cómo configurar su aplicación móvil en su configuración de idioma preferida.


Método GPS EVV Para Reducir el Entrenamiento de Excepciones OOR

Aprenda a usar el método GPS EVV en la aplicación móvil. Esta función ayudará a reducir la cantidad de llamadas fuera de cobertura en el tablero.


Entrenamiento de Entrada y Salida

En esta capacitación, aprenderá cómo fichar la entrada y la salida con la aplicación móvil.


GPS EVV Method to Reduce OOR Exception Training

Learn how to use the GPS EVV method on the mobile app. This feature will help reduce the number of Out Of Range calls on the dashboard.


Employee Self-Service Overview

In this video, we will go over the employee self-service site.


Clock In and Out Training

In this training, you will learn how to clock in and clock out using the mobile App.


Navigating The Mobile App Training

In this training, we go through how to navigate the HHA Exchange mobile app.


Mobile App Password Reset Training

In this training video, you are going to learn how to reset your password on the mobile app.


Language Options Training

You will learn how to set your mobile app to your preferred language setting.


Request Open Shifts Training

You are going to go through how to request open shifts using the mobile app.

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